Monday, 28 December 2009

Updating Firmware on the PAP2T-NA VoIP ATA

(Updated August 10, 2010)
Periodically, it's advisable to check for and update your VoIP ATA (analog telephone adapter) firmware.  This article is focused on updating the Cisco Linksys PAP2T-NA (user configurable, unlocked, and open) ATA.  It's a fairly straight forward and simple process.  If your ATA is tied and locked to your VoIP carrier that supplied your adapter, this procedure may not work for you, and may not be advisable.

NOTE:  These instructions only work on UNLOCKED versions of PAP2T-NA.
If you purchased your ATA from an authorized Cisco-Linksys reseller, it will likely be an unlocked -NA version.

The Cisco Support website now hosts the support and download servers for the Linksys PAP2T VoIP phone adapters.  You will find it in the Download Software Support section.  More specifically, the PAP2T page is located here.  And, the following link will begin the latest firmware download for the PAP2T:

First, you need to determine if you have the latest firmware version installed, or not.

As of this post, the latest firmware version was 5.1.6.

There are two methods by which you can check your version.
  1. The built-in PAP2T IVR System
  2. The PAP2T web interface using your web browser.
To use the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, just plug a telephone into the PAP2T Line-1 jack and power-up the unit.  Pick up the handset, and press the Star key four times ( * * * * ).  At the IVR voice prompt, input the code to "Check Firmware Version", using code 150, followed by the # key ( 150# ).  It will then read back your version number of the PAP2T.

While we are still in the IVR interface, it may be useful to check the IP address assigned to your PAP2T by using code 110#.  If it reads back, then it hasn't been assigned an IP address by your router.  If this is the case, connect the PAP2T Ethernet port to one of your router LAN ports with an Ethernet cable.  On reboot of the PAP2T, it should be assigned an IP address by the router (something like ).

The second method of checking the firmware version is to connect to the PAP2T with your PC and check the version number as listed on the default login page ( Info page).  To do so, login to the PAP2T using your PC's web browser and typing in the IP address assigned to your PAP2T.  In my case, it is  In your case, it may be something else, depending on how many devices are connected to your router.

The next step is to download the latest firmware from Cisco to a new folder on your PC to house the zip file.  Unzip the file and compare the version number with the one in your PAP2T.  If your version is older than the latest download you are ready to proceed with the firmware update.

Before proceeding, be sure you know the IP address assigned to the PAP2T.

Now, with the newly downloaded (and unzipped) firmware file (i.e.:  upg-pap2t-5-1-6.exe ) double-click on the file to start the process.  You should see the following screen pop-up:

If you are eligible and authorized to perform the upgrade, proceed by clicking on the "Continue" button.

This is where you need to type into the dialog box the IP address of the PAP2T:


Once the IP address of the PAP2T is entered correctly, click the OK button.

You may see the following dialog pop-up while the program is attempting to connect to the PAP2T IP address:

If you have Antivirus security running on your PC, you may get a prompt to allow this program to connect to the Internet.  You need to Allow to proceed.  In my case, I'm using Shaw Secure (F-Secure AV) which always prompts me to allow.

If you have an administrator password set, you will be prompted to enter the administrator Password.  By default, the User is admin and there is no password required (leave password empty).  However, if a password has been set, you should enter it now.  (Otherwise, this step is skipped if no password is set)
Click OK button to proceed...

Next, you will see the "Confirm Upgrade" window.  Click Upgrade button to continue:

Now, the actual update begins...

If all goes well, it is completed when you see the "Upgrade Success" window pop-up:

At this point, you are home free.
You have successfully upgraded your PAP2T-NA VoIP adapter!