Friday, 27 January 2012

How to Update Firmware on the Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

(Article originally posted in August 2010)

In this article, I will cover how to update firmware on the WRT54G NAT-Router.

I'm using the WRT54G for this example because I use it on my home network, and the PC that I use VoIP Softphones with is also behind this router.  In my previous articles on VoIP, Port Forwarding, and Port Triggering, I also used the WRT54G as my example router to illustrate configuration settings.icon 

In the following examples I will be upgrading from firmware version 8.00.4 to 8.00.7
  1. Login to the WRT54G using IP address
  2. The default User Name is empty (no entry)
  3. The default Password is "admin"
    I myself have previously changed the UserName and PW to my own personal settings, so those are the values I used to login.


  4. After logging in, you will land on the "Setup" page:

  5. Navigate to the "Administration" page.
  6. Navigate to "Firmware Upgrade" page.

  7. Before you proceed beyond this point, you need to visit the Cisco Linksys support website and download the latest version available for you WRT54G hardware version at:

  8. Select your hardware version from the drop-down list.  Once selected, you will see the latest download version in the lower left corner of the Downloads section.

  9. Click on the Download link to commence download of the update file.
    Select the location to store the update file, and then proceed the download Save.

  10. Once you have completed downloading the latest firmware file, go back to Administration and Firmware Upgrade page in the WRT54G.
  11. Click on the "Choose File" button on the Upgrade Firmware page and navigate to the previously downloaded firmware file and select it.

  12. This file name will now show up next to the "Choose File" button:

  13. Click on the "Upgrade" button.
    You will see the "progress" bar incrementing...

    Be patient and do not interrupt the process until prompted that it has completed and rebooted:

    When you see this screen "Upgrade is successful, Rebooting....", all is well !
Not only has Linksys upgraded the firmware (in my case versions from V8.00.4 to V8.00.7), but they have given the interface an obvious face lift in color, and a little more emphasis on the name Cisco:

Good luck with your WRT54G firmware upgrade.

(As of August 10, 2010 the latest firmware version for HW Version 8 was FW version V8.00.8)