Thursday, 28 January 2010

Calling Cards - The VoIP Way

A VoIP Calling Card is nothing more than a local area, or toll-free, phone number that provides access to a VoIP Gateway.  Once you access the VoIP network, you get world-wide calling at low VoIP rates.  Even if you have no VoIP equipment and just a PSTN landline, or mobile phone, once you connect through the VoIP access gateway number, you are now calling world-wide at VoIP rates.

CallCentric is a VoIP carrier that provides local PSTN telephone gateway access numbers to their global VoIP networks:
  • CallCentric list of Call Card Access Numbers
CallCentric is a pre-paid pay-as-you-go VoIP carrier .... with No Contracts or connect charges.
BYOD means you find, purchase, and configure your own VoIP ATA (analog telephone adapter).

And, the good news here is that if you aren't technically inclined enough to configure your own VoIP ATA, you can still use their services as VoIP Calling Cards to make cheap VoIP calls from a regular PSTN landline or mobile phone.  You can use your VoIP Calling Card as your home phone "Dial-Around" long distance service, thus avoiding the high long distance fees your PSTN or mobile phone carrier charges.

The access numbers make it really convenient when traveling to major cities in USA and Canada.  Virtually all the major cities have local access numbers you can call from a hotel, motel, local business, or a friends home.  Calls are just debited from your pre-paid VoIP calling account. (and... No Connect Charges like Skype has).