Monday, 1 February 2010

iNum Global Numbers - Why You'll Want One...

iNum is the new "International Number" system created by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) in cooperation with Voxbone.

iNum utilizes the global "country code" of 883.  The +883 country code has been initially approved by the ITU for international calling between peering VoIP networks, participating carriers, and eventually most PSTN networks.  "These numbering resources will be used to provide services to subscribers worldwide, allowing them to be reachable for a low tariff, irrespective of the geographical location of the calling and the called party."

The +883 dialing plan administered by Voxbone will consist of +883 5100 followed by eight (8) digits,
i.e.  +883 510 0XX XXX XXX.

So, how can you benefit by having an iNum number?
Well, Voxbone has established local access numbers in 45 countries that can be used to reach an iNum from any phone.  This effectively makes iNums reachable from 45 countries for the cost of a local call, from any phone.

For example, I received my iNum from CallCentric (for free).  And now, I can receive calls through my CallCentric iNum from any of the Global iNum Access Numbers (for free).

As well, I'm able to make and receive iNum calls to or from anyone who has VoIP service with any of the 50+ VoIP providers that have iNum agreements with Voxbone.  I'm able to make and receive these calls for free using my Cisco SPA2102-NA VoIP box configured with CallCentric service.

Receiving calls for free may not sound like much (as PSTN lines have always done that), but I'm on a CallCentric pay-per-minute plan where I only pay for the "talk time" I use.  But, when I make or receive iNum calls... I pay absolutely nothing.

As a matter of fact, you don't need to be on any paid CallCentric plan to take advantage of CallCentric iNum.  Getting one is free.  Calling anyone else who has an iNum is free.  And of course, receiving calls on your iNum is free....