Sunday, 14 February 2010

Using the CallCentric Speed-Dial 100 Feature

One of the unique calling features I like about CallCentric is their Speed Dial 100 Phone Book.

The Speed Dial 100 is a web-based phone book feature that stores up to 99 phone book entries for quick dialing from your VoIP adapter connected phone just by dialing *75xx. Call any stored number just by dialing *7501 - *7599.

*75xx calls enable you to dial PSTN, Mobile, iNum, In-Network, Peer-Network, and even SIP URI calls through your CallCentric connected ATA, or softphone.

Your Speed Dial 100 phone book entries can be imported or exported in CSV format for easy reference, entry, or just backup.

Calls can also be initiated directly from the web-based phone book using their Click2Dial callback feature.  In which case, the callback can be to your ATA, softphone, mobile phone, or any number you specify.  When using this feature, just be aware that when callbacks are to a PSTN phone or mobile, and not your CallCentric connected ATA or softphone, the callback acts like a two leg conference, meaning each leg is charged at normal VoIP to PSTN termination rates, for each leg.

The Speed Dial Phone Book is accessible through the CallCentric user account DASHBOARD.

Once you have entered and assigned your Speed Dial numbers into the Phone Book, you are ready to make speed calls directly from your ATA.

I'm using the Cisco Linksys SPA2102-NA.  
For CallCentric *75xx calling to work properly from the ATA, it is necessary to ensure the ATA's Dial Plan has been enabled for *75xx dialing with the following entry:  |*75xx| added to the dial plan.

If you use the recommended dial plan suggested by CallCentric for Cisco/Linksys adapters, then this entry will already be there as shown in this example:


If you haven't placed this dial plan into your CallCentric enabled ATA yet, just copy it from here and past it into the Dial Plan box of the ATA and save your new settings.  For the Cisco SPA2102-NA, the dial plan can be found in the Voice Line-1 tab page.  Otherwise, just add the *75xx entry to your existing dial plan.

Now that the dial plan is accounted for, all you have to do to make a Speed dial call is to press *7501, or *7502, etc into your ATA connected phone for speedy dialing of your favorite numbers.

Happy Speed Dialing with your CallCentric enabled ATA!

If you use CallCentric Calling Card local gateway access numbers to make calls from PSTN landline phones, or a mobile phone, you can still use the *75xx speed dialing when making a CallCentric Calling Card call. This is a great way to speed up Call Card dialing.