Tuesday, 11 January 2011

iNum - Landlines Now Call VoIP Phones World-Wide - For Free

We all know that making long distance Internet calls PC-PC or VoIP-VoIP is commonly free.  But, what about landline PSTN-to-VoIP long distance calls?  Well, in this case, the caller usually has to pay the LD toll charge.... which may be why you're not receiving as many long distance calls as you would like to.

Now, thanks to iNum and Voxbone, your friends, family, and colleagues can place calls to your VoIP device(s) from a PSTN landline (or mobile) for the cost of a local call (typically free from landlines).  How?  By dialing a Local iNum Gateway Access Number.  Once a call originates through an iNum network gateway, it is routed via Internet to any world-wide VoIP device that has been issued an iNum number (many VSP's issue iNum's for free).

If family and friends are lucky enough to live in, or near, one of the world-wide cities where there is an iNum access number - then bingo!  They can call you as often as they like.... usually for free.

The catch for you, the VoIP user, is to have an iNum from one of the world-wide VoIP providers that now issue free iNum numbers.  I myself use CallCentric, who issues iNums to their customers for free.

Here is how it works: 
  1. The caller dials a "local" iNum gateway number as a local call.
  2. At the IVR voice prompt, enter the destination iNum phone number you want to reach.
  3. Your call will now be routed and connected to the iNum destination number you entered.
That's it!  It's that simple to make free world-wide calls via iNum PSTN access gateways.

Example of a Test Call:
  1. I dial my local iNum gateway in Calgary, AB, Canada:  403-775-1446
  2. At the iNum IVR voice prompt, I dial an iNum Test Number at:  883-5100-0000-0093
  3. The call is connected to the iNum Caller-ID TalkBack service.  
  4. I hear my phone number Caller-ID spoken back to me.
  5. I hang-up when finished.
Instead of dialing the full 15-digit iNum destination number (883510000000093), you can just enter the last 9-digits of the iNum.  

For example, the Caller-ID TalkBack number can be entered as: "000000093" when prompted by the gateway IVR.

So, if you are a VoIP user (like me) who has service with one of the VSP's that issue iNums, pick-up your own iNum and pass it on to your world-wide contacts so they can all start calling you from world-wide destinations for free!

Remember:  You can get your free iNum through CallCentirc.  Ordering an iNum through CallCentric is free.  And, making and receiving iNum calls through your CallCentric account...  is also free.