Wednesday, 26 January 2011

iNums - Call via CallCentric PSTN Gateways - Free (Part-2)

In my previous blog article, I revealed that you can expand your PSTN gateway access points for calling to iNum +883 global numbers by not only using the numerous iNum gateway numbers provided by Voxbone, but also by using the CallCentric global calling card access numbers.  All the while, keeping in mind that I'm talking about free gateway access (when calling from a local area phone to a local area gateway, or access point).

First Things First...
In order to call global +883 iNums through CallCentric's network of PSTN access points, the user is first required to open a VoIP account with CallCentric.  No, this is not a got-cha ploy. Creating VoIP accounts with CallCentric is free. Calling to other CallCentric accounts is free.  And, calling to iNum +883 global numbers..... is also free.  No money is required in these cases - prepaid, or post-paid.

Prerequisites Required to Make iNum Calls via CallCentric Access Numbers:
  1. Create a free CallCentric IP Freedom account.
  2. Activate your account Calling Card Global Access Numbers setting.
  3. Set and save your calling card PIN authentication  (prevents fraudulent access).
That's it!  Just three easy steps. (and, no money or credit cards!)

Summary of steps to make a call through Callcentric gateways:
  1. Dial your nearest CallCentric Access Number Gateway
  2. At the IVR greeting voice prompt, enter your 11-digit CallCentric account number (1777xxxxxxx)
  3. At the IVR prompt, enter your PIN (you previously set it up in your account - Preferences - Call Card - PIN section).  Can be set as 4-10 digits.
  4. At the IVR prompt, enter the 15-digit iNum +883 phone number you wish to reach (+883-5100-0xxx-xxxx).
As an example, I will dial an iNum test number from my local Callcentric access number in Calgary, AB, Canada.
  1. I dial 403-775-1750
  2. At the IVR voice prompt, I enter my 11-digit CallCentric account number (1777xxxxxxx)
  3. At the IVR voice prompt, I enter my 4-digit PIN.
  4. At the IVR prompt, I enter the iNum test number as 011-883-5100-0000-0093.
    My call is connected.
When calling from within North America, I replace the + with 011.

Most phones now days have a built-in contact list for speed dialing.  You can save a lot of time by programming your CallCentric gateway access numbers into your telephones speed-dial feature.  

Many phones also have the ability to enter a "P" between multiple dialing sequences (Pause for the IVR) for making calling card calls.  This way you can enter a P after the local access number, then your PIN, another P for next IVR prompt, then your account number, another P and then your iNum number.  Unfortunately, many phones don't store enough digits for this long a sequence in one dial string.  So, you may only have enough space to enter your local access number and perhaps your PIN.  Then, manually dial the rest.

Replace the 18-digit iNum Number with a 5-digit Code
One really great feature of CallCentric is their online Phone Book storage feature.
When dialing an iNum with the + or IDD code (011 in North America), the total iNum dial string becomes 18 digits. This can be problematic for fumble-fingers like me.  The solution is to use CallCentric's Phone Book Feature.

With the phone book feature (accessed in your user online account), you can pre-store your 18-digit iNum phone numbers and assign each entry a 5-digit star code.  Now, when the time comes to entering your destination number (in this case, iNum), just enter the *Code (*75xx).  This will speed things up considerably and eliminate fumble-fingers problems.

Enjoy making free iNum calls through the world-wide CallCentric Calling Card Gateways.
Now, you have twice as many ways to call iNums from PSTN landline phones (and mobiles).