Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Google Extends Free Phone Calls Through 2012

This morning, Google's Official Gmail Blog has just announced that they are extending their free domestic calling within the US and Canada throughout 2012. 

What this means, is that if you are a Gmail user, all you need to do is install Google's Voice and Video Chat plug-in from Google's web site.  Once installed in your web browser, you are set to make free voice calls to any US and Canadian telephone number, be it land-line or mobile numbers.

Google has been providing free calling through Gmail since mid 2010.  Then, last year announced they would extend free calling through 2011.  To be frank, I didn't expect they would extend free phone calling through 2012, as well.  I figured Google would fall they way of Skype.

Skype used to provide free calls to land-lines too in US and Canada.  But, once they built up their subscriber base, they inevitably started changing for all calls to PSTN phones and mobiles.  I expect eventually Google will follow suit... just not in 2012.  

But, for now, enjoy the free phone calls... I am!