Monday, 5 March 2012

Cisco Announces End-of-Life for PAP2T and SPA2102 VoIP ATA's

On February 15, 2012 Cisco announced the end-of-sales and end-of-life for the very popular SPA2102 and  PAP2T  VoIP ATA telephone adapters.  Cisco is citing May 16, 2012 as the last order date from their customers, and August 14, 2012 as the last possible ship date for those orders.

I don't have any definitive information on the history of these ATA's, but it appears they first showed up on the market about five or six years ago around 2007.  In today's computer age, that's a respectable life span.

As replacements for the PAP2T and SPA2102, Cisco is now recommending and shipping their successors, the SPA112 and SPA122, respectively.  So far, I'm not seeing much availability of the SPA112 and SPA122 ATA's here in Canada.  Hopefully, that situation will improve over the next few months.