Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Google Voice Now Calls iNums Direct From Gmail

Google's Voice and Video Chat feature provides for PC-to-PSTN landline phone calling via your Gmail account "Call Phone" chat option, for free.

In December, 2011, Google announced that they will extend the free phone calling feature through 2012.
  However, one feature that Google Voice Chat had previously been lacking was the ability to call to international +883 iNum numbers directly from the Gmail web client "Call Phone" Dial-pad using my desktop web browser (Google Chrome).

Back in March, I wrote an article about how to work around this obstacle by dialing to iNum PSTN gateway numbers provided by the iNum initiative.

Finally, I am pleased to say that Google has now opened up Gmail to make free calls directly to any iNum when using a web browser on a desktop PC.  No more work-arounds required, like in the past.

Placing a call to any of your iNum buddies is as simple as clicking on the  icon in Gmail.  (Assuming, you have installed the Gmail Voice and Video Chat plug-in.)

Then, dial the number of any  iNum number you like.  
Just enter the 15 digit iNum number you want to call, preceeded by 011, or +.  I frequently dial their iNum Echo Test number which is:  +883-510-000-000-091.

That's it.  It is straight forward and simple, if you have a Gmail account.  Enjoy your free calls to world-wide iNum's using your Gmail web client.

I recently discovered that sometime around March 2013, Google GMail Voice "Call Phone" feature has once again stopped routing iNum calls.  Looks like things are moving backwards, instead of forwards...