Thursday, 19 July 2012

Spout Communications - Largest VoIP Footprint in Canada

Spout - premium digital voice services
Spout Communications - Canada
 Today, Spout Communications announced that they now have the largest VoIP footprint in Canada.  With the addition of 1000+ portable number areas, this now gives Spout at total of 1,256 areas of DID VoIP number portability.

Spout is a new start-up VoIP provider, based out of Edmonton, Alberta.  It appears that they are making a concerted attempt to provide VoIP DID's (inbound phone numbers) in areas too small for the larger VoIP providers to bother with.  This may well turn out to be a niche advantage Spout is creating for themselves.

While, Spout appears to be geared-up to focus on businesses who are capable of installing and maintaining their own IP-PBX phone systems, they may also be a viable option for some of the more adventurous BYOD DIY VoIP enthusiasts like myself.  They also offer Cloud services, and iNum calling and forwarding.

I recently signed up with Spout to obtain a VoIP DID in the Okanagan Valley area of British Columbia, where I now live.  Frankly, I chose them for my DID because none of the larger, well known, VoIP providers will provide DID's in some of the smaller Canadian communities, like Spout is now doing.  And, they setup my number to forward all calls via iNum to my other regular VoIP provider, at no additional cost.