Monday, 29 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy Knocks-Out CallCentric VoIP Service

--- 6:00 PM Monday Evening, Oct. 29, 2012 ---
As of just a few minutes ago, all my VoIP devices connected to CallCentric have lost registration.

Hurricane Sandy is currently pounding the eastern seaboard of New Jersey and New York.
It is my understanding that CallCentric is located in lower Manhattan of New York City.

I have just read a post, by a CallCentric employee, on the that CallCentric has performed an emergency shutdown because all power has been lost in NYC due to Hurricane Sandy.  CallCentric's web site is also down and not functioning.

Between the recent DDOS attacks and hurricane Sandy, CallCentric is certainly being tested to their limits.  I can only hope that they "weather the storms" and come out stronger than ever.

As at 8:30 AM PST (11:30 EST), Tuesday, Oct. 30th, CallCentric services are still completely shut down.  Because of the flooding and power outages in Manhattan, NYC, I expect their systems will remain off-line for some time...

I might note that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was also shut-down all day yesterday and today.  This is the first time in over a century the NYSE has been shut down for two full days...

As at 9:01 AM PST (12:01 EST), Wednesday, Oct. 31st, CallCentric services are still completely shut down.

As at around 8 PM PST (11 PM EST), Wednesday, Oct 31st, CallCentric has indicated that they are in the process of restarting all their servers and will be working throughout the night to try and get everything back online....

As at around 9 PM PST, Wednesday, Oct 31st, CallCentric VoIP proxy servers are back online and functioning as good as ever.  I did a test call, and the call quality was excellent!  However, the web server doesn't seem to be up just yet.

As at around 11 PM PST, Wednesday, Oct 31st, CallCentric web server is back online and functioning as expected.  I made test calls and VoIP service appears to be back to normal and functioning Very Well.