Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Using Your iNum +883 Number as a Call Forwarding Service

In past articles, I have discussed various access methods of calling to global +883 iNum numbers. 
Recently, I have learned to appreciate the value of my CallCentric-issued iNum number as a "call-forwarding" feature.  Here is my story of how it became a valuable tool that also saves me money on my inbound DID VoIP calls.

In the early summer of 2012, I moved to the city of Vernon in the North Okanagan Valley of British Columbia from my previous home of 30 years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Before I moved here, I suspected that it may be a bit of a challenge obtaining a local area inbound DID (Direct Inbound Dialing) phone number for the city of Vernon, BC.

Well, it did turn out to be quite the ordeal.  None of my long-time BYOD VSP's (VoIP Service Providers) were able to provide DID's for the City of Vernon (population ~ 40,000) - not even Dell Voice or Fongo.  I have been a long time user of CallCentric and Voip.ms, but not even they could provide me with a local area DID for this area.

Then, after much research and contacting of numerous BYOD VSP's I finally found a new start-up service provider based in Edmonton, Alberta who went out of their way to supply me with a Vernon DID, which they didn't have before I contacted them.  The company is Spout Communications.

Now, because I already had all my primary VoIP devices linked to my Voip.ms DID's, I didn't really want to change all my configurations and move everything over to Spout's proxy servers.  So, Spout agreed to forward all my incoming calls to my Voip.ms iNum number (for free) if I purchased a local Vernon DID through them.  So, I did.

Really, I had no choice but to purchase another DID if I wanted to have a local area DID here in Vernon.  But, the gem here is that I am able to forward all these incoming calls to my already existing service with Voip.ms via my Voip.ms-enabled +883 iNum DID.... for free.

Typically, when forwarding incoming calls from any telecom service to any other PSTN or mobile compatible DID phone number, you will pay an extra call-forwarding termination charge.  But, this is different with iNum's (generally speaking).  Many VSP's are now terminating +883 iNum calls at no charge.  (And, why not - after all, iNum's are routed over the Internet, and not traversing PSTN networks.)

If you are one of the many lucky BYOD DIY VoIP users like me who have service with VSP's who route calls to +883 iNum numbers for free, join me as I sit back.... and SMILE.  :)