Tuesday, 22 January 2013

CallCentric Supports +888 United Nations Disaster Relief Calls

A few months back, I posted an article that Voxbone is spreading the word requesting the cooperation of telecommunication providers regarding the implementation of the country code +888 into their networks.  The purpose of the +888 international country dialing code is to facilitate United Nations disaster relief communications during times of global disasters, wherever they may occur.

Today, CallCentric has informed me that they have now implemented and support +888 United Nations disaster relief calling through the Voxbone iNum network.

I have just tested this feature by calling Voxbone's test numbers.  And, all indications from my test calls is that CallCentric has implemented this service for free, just like iNum calling is free.

+888 network dialing differs from iNum dialing by 1 digit.  iNum's are 15- digit numbers, whereas +888 numbers are 14 digits.  And, just like dialing iNum's from North America, you will also need to add the + digits (or, 011 access code).  This now means you will be dialing a 17-digit number, in total.

If you have a CallCentric account, you can test +888 dialing by calling the following TEST numbers:

Echo Test:

DTMF Talk-back Test: