Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cisco SPA112 - How to Login as Administrator

While logging into the Cisco SPA112 VoIP ATA Phone Adapter may seem like a no-brainer for many experienced VoIP enthusiasts, what may seem apparent to many, may not always be so evident to a few.
Therefore, in an effort to be complete, I'm writing this article to help clarify the requirements needed to log into the SPA112 ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter).  As well, in future articles when I need to refer to logging into the SPA112 ATA, I will just refer to this article for the instructions on how to do so, rather than repeating the same information for each article that requires login access.

When you login to the SPA112 you will be using a web browser on your PC to access the Cisco Phone Adapter Configuration Utility.  My examples are based on the current firmware version 1.3.1 (003) installed into my SPA112 ATA (at the time this article is published).

In a nutshell, all you need in order to login to the SPA112 ATA as an administrator is:
  • The IP address assigned to the ATA.
  • Username of the administrator account.
  • Password of the administrator account.
  • Power connected to the ATA.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable between the RJ-45 jack (the blue jack marked as "Internet") on the back of the SPA112 ATA and a LAN port on your network router.
  • Connect an analog telephone to one of the RJ-11 phone jacks on the back of the SPA112 (marked as Phone 1  and  Phone 2).
  • Connect your PC to one of your router LAN ports (must be on same IP sub-net as SPA112).
  • A web browser running on your PC.  In my case, I'm using Google Chrome.

With the above listed information, you will be able to log into the SPA112 as the administrator.

  1. What if you don't know the IP address assigned to the ATA?
  2. What if you don't know the Administrator Username and/or password?

Using The IVR System To Discover The Assigned IP Address
The SPA112 has a built-in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) utility.  With this utility, it is a straightforward procedure to discover the IP address assigned to the VoIP adapter:
  • Using your analog telephone, which you connected to one of the ATA phone jacks, take the phone off-hook, then press the star key four times (* * * * ).  This connects you to the IVR system.
  • Now, enter the code 110#.
  • The IVR system will now read-back to you the IP address assigned to it.
  • Hang-up the phone when done.

Connecting to the Configuration Utility with Your Web Browser
  1. Open your web browser (I'm using Google Chrome).
  2. Type the IP address assigned to your SPA112 ATA into the browser address box, and press Enter key.
  3. You will now have access to the Phone Adapter Configuration Utility Login window as shown below:

The Default Administrator Username and Password
If you purchased the SPA112 new from an authorized Cisco distributor/reseller, it will arrive configured with the firmware set to its Factory Defaults.  The Administrator Username and Password defaults are as follows:
  • Username:     admin
  • Password:     admin
Once you type these values into the appropriate login input boxes and click the "Login" button, you will then be logged into the SPA112 and land on the Quick Setup page, by default as illustrated below:

At this point, you are free to have your way with the SPA112 as you wish, as the logged-in administrator.

Changing the Administrator Username and Password
For security purposes, it is always advised to change the Administrator password to a "strong" password and not to use the defaults.  This rule really applies to anything and everything on your local network (and everywhere else you login to for that matter).
  • Navigate to the Administration menu and select the left-panel menu option:  User List.
  • In the User List window, click on the Admin Edit icon.

At this point, you have the option to just change the Admin password or to change both the Admin Username and Password.  In the following example, I have opted to change both:

Once the new Administrator credentials have been changed and submitted, you will immediately be logged-out  and re-logged-in automatically.

The next time you login, you will be required to use these newly set Administrator credentials.

What Happens If You Forget Your Administrator Password?
First of all:   Don't forget your Administrator Username and Password !

But, if you do forget, you have two options for performing a Factory Reset (Restoring to Factory Defaults).  Of course, this is a good news/bad news story:

The good news:  
Administrator Username and Password is restored to its defaults:  "admin" and "admin".

The bad news:
Performing a factory restore does mean you will lose all user/administrator edited values.  Which means, even though you will be able to login again, all your previously edited network and VoIP provider settings will be gone.

Two Ways to Perform A Factory Reset (Restore to Factory Defaults)
  1. Using the pointed end of a paper clip, press and hold the RESET button at the back of the SPA112 for at least 10 seconds.  Wait 2.5 minutes, and you will again be able to login as the default Admin.
  2. Using the SPA112 IVR system, enter the Factory Restore Code:  73738#.  The IVR will ask you to confirm by pressing the number 1 key, and then hang up the phone. Wait 2.5 minutes, and you will again be able to login as the default Administrator.

In an upcoming article I will be explaining four different ways of performing a system reboot/restart, and three different ways to perform a Factory Reset (with a bit more detail than presented here).

Password Protecting the IVR System

While on the topic of Administrator Passwords, this may be a good time to mention that it is also possible to password protect access to the SPA122 IVR system.  By default, the IVR does not require a password to access.  But, if you don't want anyone else performing factory resets, etc., then you may consider password protecting the IVR from unauthorized access.

To do so, proceed as follows:
  1. Login to the SPA122.
  2. Click on the Voice menu item.
  3. Click on the System menu item located in the left-hand window navigation pane.
  4. On the System page, you will see a text box labeled:  IVR Admin Password.
  5. By default, this text box is empty.  Thus, no password is required to use the IVR, by default.
  6. Enter your new IVR Admin Password.  Save (Submit) your changes.

Next time anyone tries to access the IVR command system, they will be asked to enter the access password.