Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cisco SPA122 VoIP ATA - How to Update Firmware

Updating firmware in the Cisco SPA122 VoIP ATA is exactly the same procedure as with the Cisco SPA112 VoIP ATA.  After all, they both use the same common firmware versions and .bin files; and thus, all common functions work the same on both ATA's.... even the firmware upgrade  procedure.

So, with that in mind, the procedure outlined here becomes very straight forward:
  1. Download the latest firmware version available from Cisco Support web site:
    Latest SPA122 firware Download.

  2. Follow my procedure outlined in the SPA112 firmware upgrade article:
    "Cisco SPA112 VoIP ATA - How to Update Firmware"

Update - March 2015
Always read the firmware Release Notes very carefully before proceeding with updates. Some of the latest Cisco firmware releases are dependent on previously firmware releases and hardware versions.

That's it. We're done.
(I wish all my articles were this easy...   :-)