Saturday, 1 June 2013

Obihai OBi100 - How To Reset/Restore Factory Defaults

In this article, I will outline three methods you can choose from in order to perform a System Restore to Factory Defaults.

Once in a blue moon, you may feel the urge to restore your Obihai OBi100 VoIP ATA to its factory set default values.  I can only speculate as to what might bring these feeling on.  Whatever your reasons, I explain below how to do it.

Why Perform A System Factory Restore? 
  1. Your ATA is plagued with mysterious problems that don't seem to be resolved by a simple system restart/reboot procedure.
  2. You suspect the mysterious performance issues may possibly be caused by a configuration settings corruption.
  3. You have been doing lots of fiddling around with configuration settings and can't remember what the default values were way back when you first bought your shiny new ATA.
  4. Other reasons I haven't thought of yet...
Whatever the reasons may be, sometimes there is nothing like a fresh new start in life.  And, that goes for VoIP telephone adapters, too.

All procedures I present in my articles presume your VoIP ATA telephone adapter is "unlocked" and was not provided to you preconfigured from a VoIP service provider (VSP).  ATA's provided by a VSP are typically "locked" and administrator access is usually protected.  If your ATA has been locked-down by a VSP, the following procedures may not apply to your situation.

Also, the majority of my OBi100 articles are focused on "manual" configurations that do not rely on or interact with the OBiTalk network administration portal at www.obitalkcom.  If your OBi ATA is linked to the OBiTalk portal, any local LAN settings, including a factory reset, my be over-ridden or reversed by the OBiTalk connected portal.  Thus, my "manual" methods and tutorials are assuming you are not, or no longer connected to the OBiTalk remote administration portal, and you want to be able to manually configure your devices yourself, the DIY way.

Three Methods for Resetting/Restoring Factory Defaults

1.   The Built-in IVR System

This is probably the most convenient way to reset and restore the OBi100 defaults:
  1. Be sure your analog telephone is plugged into the rear-panel telephone RJ-11 jack.
  2. Take the phone off-hook and press the star key three times followed by the number 8;  i.e.   * * * 8
  3. Next, the IVR response will ask you to press 1 to confirm.
  4. You will see the Power LED Flash Red for about 5 seconds.  This is an indication that reset/restore has been initiated and the ATA is now rebooting.
The complete IVR initiated restore sequence will only take about 20 seconds to complete.
This IVR restore method is a full restore.  In other words, it restores both Network and Voice settings.  

It is possible to Password Protect access to the OBi100 IVR system.  If you would like to restrict the ability of unauthorized users from making changes to your OBi100 configuration settings via IVR, I explain below how to do so in my previous article:   Obihai OBi100 - How to Login as Administrator

Any and all passwords set in the OBi100 will be cleared whenever you perform a system factory restore to defaults procedure.  In other words, the IVR password is also cleared (no password required) and the web login is restored to its defaults.

2.   The Obihai OBi100 Phone Adapter Web-Based Configuration Utility
This procedure requires that you login to the OBi100 via the Obihai Configuration Utility using your PC and a web browser.  I have already written another article that completely covers the topic of  how to log into the Obi100 ATA.  Please refer to that article for instructions on how to login.
  • Login to the OBi100.
  • Click on the System Management menu option.
  • Under System Management menu options, click on the Device Update menu option.
  • While in the Device Update section, you will then click on the RESET button from within the Reset Configuration section to initiate a system configuration reset to factory defaults.

  • Immediately after clicking on Reset, a dialog box window will  pop-up asking you to confirm your actions by clicking on the OK button.  Otherwise, the procedure will abort if you click cancel.

  • After clicking OK, the Configuration Reset will commence and the "Configuration Reset Successful"  screen will pop-up indicating that a successful Configuration Reset is in progress and that the ATA is now rebooting.

The complete sequence of events only takes about 20 seconds to successfully complete.
Clicking the Return button will take you back to the Status default landing page.  Otherwise, you can click on any left-pane menu item and navigate directly to any other screen of your choice.  Or, you can just close the browser tab or window to exit.

After a Factory Restore to Defaults procedure has been initiated, ALL data is reset to the current firmware version defaults level.  And, this includes setting the Administrator Username and Password back to their defaults.

3.   The Under-Panel Reset Button
This is the old well known paper clip trick.

This method will perform a full firmware level restore to defaults.  In other words, it will restore both Network configurations and Voice configurations.
  • Using the end of a paperclip, press it into the raised hole, located on the bottom-left side of the OBi100.  As illustrated below, it is located on the left side of the OBi100 ID label, next to the 9-digit ID/phone number.  Press and hold for at least a full 10 - 15 seconds.
If it's not obvious, power does need to be applied to the OBi100 when this procedure is performed.

  • Once you press and hold the reset button long enough, the power LED will start to blink green when the restore process begins.
  • Then, a few seconds later, the power LED will turn red for about 5 seconds and begin to reboot.
The whole process only takes about 20 seconds in total.

There you go.  Your OBi100 is now ready to start with a clean slate.
(Assuming it's not linked to the OBiTalk administration portal at