Sunday, 7 December 2014

Updating Firmware on the Grandstream DP715 IP Phone

In previous articles, I explained how to login as admin, perform a factory reset, and configure the Grandstream DP715 IP Phone with various BYOD VoIP providers. So now, it's time to cover another useful procedure:  updating the device firmware.

Knowing how to update the firmware on your VoIP phone is a very important topic.  It's not as sexy a subject as how to configure the phone with VoIP service providers (VSP's).  After all, most people just want to start making phone calls once they plug-in their shiny new VoIP box.

The fact is, most devices ship with old(er) firmware installed.  Thus, if it isn't the latest release of firmware that's installed, it's old.  Or, if your device was up to date when you first installed it, but some period of time has passed, then you will want to check with the manufacturer periodically just to see if any updates have been issued in the interim.

So, who cares?  Well, you do if you are experiencing unsolvable performance issues.  And, the reality is, all software/firmware has bugs, or performance deficiencies to some extent.  And, this is why manufacturers periodically issue firmware/software updates.  If not to fix bugs, certainly to enhance or improve device performance and the user experience.

So, let's get started with checking and updating the DP715 firmware...

Preparation For the Upgrade Procedure:
  1. Make sure the DP715 Internet Port (Ethernet RJ-45 jack) is connected to an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a LAN port on your Router, or switch.
  3. Connect your PC to a LAN port on your Router, or switch. (Must be on same sub-net as the IP Phone.)
  4. Connect power to the DP715 IP Phone base unit.
  5. Once the phone is powered up, you are ready to login to its web-based configuration utility.
  6. I explain How to Login to the DP715 in HERE.

What Firmware Version is Currently Running on Your DP715?
You can easily check the firmware version that is currently installed in the Grandstream DP715 just by logging into its configuration web page.  By default, when logging into the DP715, you will always land on the STATUS page.

Once logged in, (and on the STATUS page) just scroll down to the section labeled:  Software Version.  Here, you will see it labeled as - Program:

Do You Have The Latest Firmware Program Version?
To find out if you do, or do not have the latest firmware running in your phone, go to the Grandstream support web site and check there:

Once on their firmware download page, scroll down to the DECT IP Phones section where you will see the DP715 listed.  The Firmware Version listed here is the latest release.  If your current DP715 version is earlier than this version, just click on this version number to start the download from your web browser to your PC.

The downloaded file will be in ZIP format.  You will want to unzip the file before attempting to upload it to the DP715 IP Phone.

Select And Upload The Latest Firmware File To Your DP715

While still logged-in to the DP715 IP Phone, navigate to the Advanced Settings page:

Scroll to the bottom of the Advanced Settings page.
Click on the "Upload From Local Directory" button:

This will land you on the "Upload Firmware From Directory" page.
Next, click on the "Choose File" button.

This will open the Windows File Explorer window.
Navigate to where you downloaded and unzipped the firmware .bin file labeled "dp715fw.bin":

Select the dp715.bin file.  Then, click on the Open button.
This action will take you back to the "Upload Firmware From Directory" page.

Note that next to the Choose File button, you should now seet the dp715fw.bin file has been selected and is ready for upload.

Now, click on the Upload Firmware button:

The DP715 should now start the firmware uploading process....

You should now see 3 LED's on the DP715 base unit flashing green off and on....

About 45 seconds later, the web page will refresh with the following window indicating:  "The device is processing the firmware now..."

The DP715 base unit LED's will continue to blink Green on and off for a grand total of about 250 seconds, or just over 4 minutes to complete the upload and then reboot.  So, just be patient....

When the LED's finally stop blinking, you can now log back in to the DP715 administration web page.

Now, you can confirm that you have indeed upgraded to the latest firmware version:

Version was the latest available at the time I wrote this article.

Happy VoIPing!