Friday, 15 July 2016

Acronyms List Related To VoIP

I have compiled a list of VoIP telecommunications related acronyms:

AA     -   Auto Attendant
ADSL   -   Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ASCII   -   American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATA   -   Analog Telephone Adapter
BRI   -   Basic Rate Interface
BYOD   -   Bring Your Own Device
CID   -   Caller ID
CLEC   -   Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLI  -  Calling Line Identity
CNAM   -   Caller-ID Name
CDR   -   Call Detail Record
CODEC   -   Coder/Decoder
CNA   -   Canadian Numbering Administrator
CNP/CDP   -   Canadian Numbering Plan / Canadian Dialing Plan
CPE   -   Customer Premise Equipment
CRTC   -   Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
CSCN   -   Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering
DECT   -   Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone
DID   -   Direct Inward Dialing (a phone number)
DOS   -   Denial Of Service attack
DDOS   -   Distributed Denial Of Service attack
DHCP   -   Dynamic Host Control Protocol
DIY   -   Do It Yourself
DNS   -   Domain Name System
DNS SRV   -   DNS Service Lookup  (IETF RFC2782)
DSL   -   Digital Subscriber Line
DTMF   -   Dual Tone Multi-Frequency
ENUM   -   E.164 Number Mapping
FAX   -   Facsimile/Telefacsimile/Telecopying
FOIP   -   FAX Over Internet Protocol
FXS   -   Foreign Exchange Station/Subscriber
FXO   -   Foreign Exchange Office
IAX   -   Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol
IEEE   -   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF   -   Internet Engineering Task Force
ILEC   -   Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
iNum   -   International Number (+883)
IP     -   Internet Protocol
IPv4   -   Internet Protocol Version 4
IPv6   -  Internet Protocol version 6
IP-PBX   -   Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange
ISDN   -   Integrated Services Digital Network
ITSP   -   Internet Telephony Service Provider
ITU   -    International Telecommunications Union
IVR   -   Interactive Voice Response
LAN   -   Local Area Network
LDAP   -   Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LNP   -   Local Number Portability
MOS   -  Mean Opinion Score
NAT   -   Network Address Translation
NANP   -   North American Numbering Plan  ( i.e. 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX )
NANPA   -   North American Numbering Plan Administration
NPA   -   Numbering Plan Area  (area code)
NTP   -   Network Time Protocol
PAID  -  P-Asserted ID
PBX   -   Private Branch Exchange
POE   -   Power Over Ethernet
POTS   -   Plain Old Telephone Service
PRI   -   Primary Rate Interface
PSTN   -   Public Switched Telephone Network
QOS   -   Quality Of Service
RPID  -  Remote Party ID
RTP   -   Real-time Transport Protocol
RTCP   -   Real-time Transport Control Protocol  (IETF RFC3550)
SBC   -   Session Border Controller
SDP   -   Session Description Protocol
SIP    -   Session Initiation Protocol
SIT Tone   -   Special Information Tone
STUN   -   Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (IETF RFC5389)
TCP    -   Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP   -   Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TFTP   -   Trivial File Transfer Protocol
UA    -   User Agent
UAC   -   User Agent Client
UAS   -   User Agent Server
UDP   -   User Datagram Protocol
URI   -   Universal Resource Identifier (IETF RFC2396)
URL   -   Universal Resource Locator (IETF RFC2396)
VAD   -  Voice Activation Detection
VoIP   -   Voice Over Internet Protocol
VSP   -   VoIP Service Provider
VSC   -   Vertical Service Code  (*xx)
WAN   -   Wide Area Network
WiFi   -   Wireless Fidelity (WLAN)
WLAN   -    Wireless Local Area Network
WEBRTC   -   Web Real-Time-Communications (browser-to-browser Internet communications)